Mechanical and Biological Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Biological waste water treatment facilities were constructed in the Terminal in 2005. They supplemented the existing pretreatment and mechanical waste water treatment facilities. Now all waste waters, i.e. domestic,
rain water, sewerage, collected in the Company are treated here.

The unique biological treatment technology employed for waste water treatment guarantees the quality of
water discharged into open water basins satisfying the normative requirements of the European Union.
Besides the Company takes in ballast and bilge waters from all vessels calling at the terminals of Klaipeda Seaport.

Composition of Waste Water Treatment Facilities:

  • Pretreatment unit
  • Waste water buffer tanks (3 x 10 000 m3)
  • Mechanical waste water treatment facilities with tilted plate separators and floatation
  • Biological waste water treatment facilities
The sludge collected in the course of treatment is brought to Kiskenai site of Public Institution GRUNTO VALYMO TECHNOLOGIJOS (SOIL TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES) and the oil products are returned for further processing.
General capacity of Waste Water Treatment Facilities
160 m3/h
Waste water collected and treated annually
up to 400 000m3
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