Road Tanker Trailer Loading

Road Tanker Trailer Loading

Crude Oil receipts will be via individual unloading locations, capable of receiving up to 220 barrels per hour.

The modules will have 16 individual unloading locations, for a total of receiving at least 16 tanker truck in parallel, with an aggregate capacity to received crude oil of 3,520 barrels per module per hour.

There will be at least four , 16-truck modules, for a total 64-truck at a time receiving capacity, with an aggregate capacity to receive up to 14,000 barrels per hour in the 4 modules, with an aggregate of 112,000
barrels in an 8-hour shift.

For export, the loading locations, will be capable of receiving heavy and light crude oil of different grades.

For import, the loading stations will be capable of receiving naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and other crude by products delivered by sea intended for the Colombian market subject to prior approval of acceptance terms and conditions (delivery schedules, quality parameters of the cargo, etc.) with the consignor. We can render such a service to those businessmen who intend to import gasoline and diesel oil to satisfy the Colombian market needs.
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