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The most modern and cost efficient terminal in Northem Colombia,
oriented to the export of crude oil and the import of hydrocarbon
derivatives via ground transportation, port side storage and direct
export into AFRAMAX size vessels.

Activities and services

INTEROILCO intends to use an area of ​​50 hectares which has already been contracted by INTEROILCO and meets the technical and regulatory criteria for the installation of an oil export tank farm that integrates as follows:

1. Loading Port of Export Facilities
2. Export Pipeline
3. Storage Tank Farm
4. Tanker Truck Loading/Unloading facility

If optimization is achieved by Railway Track, consider items 4, 5, 6.

6. Rail Transshipment Stations
7. Railway line Spur to the National Rail System
8. Train System to transport from Rail Trans shipment Stations to  INTEROILCO
9. Modular Refinery

Project Summary

Oil products are delivered to INTEROILCO by tanker trailers trucks,  unloaded into storage tanks and after accumulation of the required cargo batch, then the trader schedules the crude oil for  export via the loading facility into Aframax ( 120, 000 DWT) tankers.

This technological chain can be summarized as follows: tanker trailer truck- tank farm storage tanks –export pipeline-direct loading into Aframax tankers.

When necessary, the available process equipment allows the adverse technological chain: import direct unloading from Aframax tanker –import pipeline-tank farm storage- tanker trailer truck deliveries.

Unloading and loading of the products in the Terminal is performed using closed means - pipelines.

The main activities of INTEROILCO:

  • Transships crude oil and oil products (heavy fuel oil, crude oil, diesel oil, gasoline, jet fuel, etc.) from tanker trailers into Aframax tankers.
  • Unloads crude oil and oil products from Aframax tankers into tanker trailers.
  • Temporary stores (accumulates) crude oil and oil products.
  • Determines quality parameters of oil products.
  • Blending of chemical additives into oil products.