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The most modern and cost efficient terminal in Northem Colombia,
oriented to the export of crude oil and the import of hydrocarbon
derivatives via ground transportation, port side storage and direct
export into AFRAMAX size vessels.

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Terminal's Characteristics

INTEROILCO is located on the northern coast of Colombia in the Atlantic, in the city of Santa Marta, the oldest city in the Americas. Today the Santa Marta is a major Colombia trade and transport junction connecting sea routes, motorways and railways between the Northern Colombia into Colombia and Venezuela. Here start the shortest land routes to the most important oil producing regions of Northern Latin America(Venezuela and Colombia) Facilities of the Terminal complex located on a 50,4 ha area projected to handler 36.0 Million barrels of export/import oil products and crude oil per year. The Tank Farm and the Terminal use state of the art storage, loading and pipeline equipment; automatic fire detection and extinguishing system, emergency shutdown system and computerized monitoring system, air, soil and water pollution prevention technologies satisfying the most stringent International standards to date.

Nomenclature of Products Transshipped

Export, import Fuel oil M-40, M-100
Technological fuel E-4  
Marine fuel oil F-5  
Diesel fuel various sorts  
Vacuum gas oil VGO  
Gasoline various sorts  
Jet fuel A-1  
Other oil products    
Crude oil  Heavy, Light  

Nomenclature of Products Transshipped

ProductTarget Quantity (barrels per year)
Crude oil, light and heavy oil products 36 000 000


Once the national railway system is improved, the INTEROILCO railway station to be constructed in accordance with the needs of the oil Tank Farm and Terminal to guarantee for safe cargo flow and timely delivery of tank-cars with crude oil and oil products to the trestles of the Terminal. The station can accept 100 tank-cars at a time. Two two-track railway trestles provide a possibility to discharge or load 100 tank-cars simultaneously:

Light oil products 30 tank-cars (one track for 30 railway cars each)
Heavy oil products 30 tank-cars (one track for 30 railway cars each)

Storage tank farm

Quantity (pcs.)Volume (Barrels)Total volume (Barrels)
Total: 30 2,000,000  
20 50,000 1,000,000
10 100, 000 1,000,000


Jettie No.Depth, m.Length, m.
6/7 18 307
Tanker batch up to 120 000 DWT
Harbor entrance depth 24.00 m.

Loading rate into tankers

ProductCapacity (Barrels/hour)
Light oil products up to 10,000
Heavy oil products up to 10,000
Crude oil up to 15,000

Road tanker loading station

Terminal can handle sixty four (64) 220 barrel tanker trucks per hour simultaneously. This allows for continued flow of crude oil for export to be discharged and stored in the Tank Farm, for proper export scheduling. In addition, this allows for continued import of fuel oil derivatives (naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline, diesel,) and expedient unloading and transportation to the direct consumer intended for the Colombia market.

Number of loading/unloading tanker truck points: 64